How can policy reform address the pressing needs of an ageing society through innovations and at the same time create new jobs and businesses? At this workshop key results of a study on this topic will be presented, including a macroeconomic analysis of the European Silver Economy.

This free one-day workshop is organised in the framework of a study on the EU Silver Economy, requested by the European Commission and to be published this spring. The workshop programme will include:

  • A preview of key results of the study, including a macroeconomic analysis of the European Silver Economy;
  • Presentation of 10 Silver Economy cases that provide opportunities for economic growth;
  • Discussion of policy recommendations to stimulate an emerging Silver Economy in Europe.

The aim of the workshop is to support a European-level 'system innovation' for tackling the societal challenge linked to an ageing population while unlocking new jobs and economic growth.

Who should attend?

This workshop is targeted to all actors of a future Silver Economy in Europe, including EU, national and regional policy makers, industry leaders, health and social care professionals, gerontologists, sociologists, and other academics, pension and investment fund managers, representatives of voluntary organisations, and the older adults in Europe.

Why should you attend?

You will be the first to hear about the findings of the new study on the Silver Economy and will also have the opportunity to provide feedback and contribute to shaping the new policy recommendations.

The detailed programme and a briefing note will be shared via email with registered attendants before the workshop.


Technopolis group