The results from the 2nd RoCKIn Challenges are now available with Homer taking the prestigious best team award. No remote control was allowed as the robots had to perform complex task without any interference from the human team members.

SocRob bot performing tasks in Granny Annie's apartment and the industrial robotics arm mounted on a mobile plaform assembling parts

The goal of this EU funded project is to develop smarter, more reliable and useful robots by inviting teams to two different challenges in a home environment and on the factory floor.

The robots are given a number of tasks to perform without bumping into anyone, including helping "Granny Annie" to tilt windows, open and close blinds and welcome and guide visitors in the RoCKIn@Home challenge.

In the RoCKIn@Work competition the robots have to locate, transport and assemble parts working alongside and assisting humans in an ever changing production line.

For a robot to be autonomous there is a lot of coding needed. The robot has to be able to understand human speech, navigate on its own without bumping into object or people and it has to be able recognise a light switch. We humans take this for granted, but switches comes in many different colours and shapes and this is not an easy task for a robot.

The overall winners of the RoCKIn@Home competition were Homer and SocRob while the winner of RoCKIn@Work was smARTlab. EARS, which is an EU-funded project, took home the benchmark 3 challenge for speech recognition.

The competitions took place in Lisbon during the European Robotics Week, which is still ongoing with over 600 robot related activities for children and adults alike all over Europe. Most events are free of charge, but you may have to register for the event. You can search for events near you on the interactive map.

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