For more than 20 years the Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) programme has been a landmark in advanced European science and technology. Over the years, it has supported research that led to amazing developments in a wide variety of areas, from a bionic hand to robotic plants, from synthetic brains to quantum technologies, from modeling epidemics to creative machines.

The Future & Emerging Technologies programme

By providing support to a unique mix of high-risk, long-term, multidisciplinary and collaborative frontier research projects, the Future & Emerging Technologies (FET) programme continuously pushes technological boundaries into unexplored territories.

FET is exceptional in the way that it stimulates fresh synergies, cross-fertilisation and convergence between different scientific disciplines (for instance, biology, chemistry, nano- and molecular science, computer science, neuro- and cognitive science, ethology, social science, economics) and with the arts and humanities.

This booklet is intended to give just an idea of the rich range of FET projects. The list of topics and achievements in the FET programme is remarkable and making a selection has been a challenge. Indeed, all FET projects could be showcased here – they have all contributed to changing the face of European technology and innovation.

Join us on this journey to discover just some of the achievements made by FET projects in recent years.

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