Graphene Week succesfully presented the accomplishments of the Graphene Flagship, both in the form of scientific achievements and as the definitive source for information about the graphene universe:from the lab to industrial applications.

Plenary Meeting at the Graphene Week

Graphene Week took place on 10-14 September in San Sebastian, Spain.

The annual gathering for leading experts on graphene and 2D materials was organised by the Graphene Flagship to highlight the most outstanding advances that scientists and companies are achieving in these fields and has attracted students, academics and industry representatives to whom the conferences was open from all over the world in San Sebastian where the event was held.

The comprehensive programme of this international conference organised by the Graphene Flagship has included lectures, thematic sessions and workshops, poster sessions, an industrial exhibition and networking opportunities. The event has covered the fundamental science behind graphene and related 2D materials and the applied science (electronic devices, sensors, flexible electronics, biomedical applications, composites, energy storage, etc.), focusing also on graphene for a sustainable future, including renewable energies. The full list of topics covered at the conference can be consulted on this web page.

Nobel Laureate Andre Geim has given a keynote lecture with an update on what is going on with graphene and related 2D materials and heterostructures this year. Check the full list of speakers at Graphene Week 2018.

Graphene Week was open to students, academics and industry representatives.

Watch the video Graphene Week: The Full Experience, to have a glimpse of the Graphene Week 2018 highlights!