The Graphene Flagship organises a new edition of its school for early career researchers in the domain of graphene. During one week participants will have the chance to discover new insights and acquire expertise from leading experts, to present their research in poster sessions and to network. Early bird registration closes on 29 April.

A man is giving a talk to a classroom full of students

The theme for this edition of the Graphene Study is "2D materials for environment and energy applications ". Participants will learn about energy and environmental applications for graphene, mainly filtration and energy storage technologies. More details can be found in the full programme and list of lecturers.  

Graphene Study is addressed to students from Bachelor to PhD as well as to researchers in academia (graduated PhDS, postdoctoral, professors, principal investigators and staff scientists). Early-stage and senior researchers from industries, other representatives of companies and commercial organisations in the graphene sector can also participate. Student and young researchers can apply for student grants until 30 May.

For more information check the Graphene Study website.

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