With 25 different demonstrators, prototypes and products on display at the Graphene Pavilion, the Graphene Flagship will showcase its most innovative technologies at the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry.

Panoramic view of an exhibition area full of visitors

Visitors to the Mobile World Congress exhibition (26 February – 1 March, Barcelona) will have the chance to experience the cutting-edge new technologies incorporating graphene and related materials in the areas of Sensors and Internet of Things, Wearables and Health, Datacom and Energy:  cameras that can see the invisible, filters that create safe drinking water, novel batteries, a wide range of flexible electronics, ultrafast data transmission systems, pressure tracking shoes and solar cells with world-class efficiency, all enabled by graphene.

Partners from across Europe will be demonstrating the technologies developed by the Graphene Flagship, one of Europe's biggest ever research initiatives, coordinating over 150 academic and industrial research groups in more than 20 countries.

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The Graphene Flagship is one of the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagships.