Visit the Graphene Flagship at ICT 2018 in Vienna at Exhibition booth C04.

Graphene Flagship

What do you expect to achieve in this project?  

The Graphene Flagship's principal mission is to take technologies based on graphene and other related materials from the laboratory to commercial applications. The fullscale application of graphene in commercial products is still several years in the future, which means there is time for Europe to secure a major role in this ongoing technological revolution.

How will European citizens benefit from this project, both from the technology developments it accomplishes as well as the scientific breakthroughs it may achieve?

The Graphene Flagship aims to contribute to economic growth in Europe by creating new jobs and employment opportunities relating to new research, development and production of graphene-enhanced products and the creation of emerging graphene-related industries.

Furthermore, many of the Graphene Flagship’s projects help take Europe down the path to greater sustainability. We work on a number of technologies related to renewable energy – a solar farm on Crete for example – and energy storage technologies. Many of the technologies we develop also reduce energy consumption by enabling lighter cars and airplanes.

Is EU funding important for the European research? How has it contributed to your projects/careers/success?

Some things can only be accomplished in a large project. To reach an ambitious goal like ours you need to involve people and organisations with different competencies, some working on materials production, others on using the materials to make individual components, and finally someone who integrates the components in systems such as cars, airplanes or communication networks.

Developing a new technology is risky. In Europe no single company or country can assume the risk alone, we need to work together, European funding makes it possible for us to bring together the necessary elements to accomplish our goal.

What are you going to exhibit at ICT2018? What should visitors expect to see/experience upon visiting your booth?

The Graphene Flagship booth at ICT 2018 will tell the story of graphene and its potential in our lives. Visitors can first of all experience how the graphene story started and learn about the fundamental properties of graphene. From here visitors can see how the story of graphene has moved forward and learn about some of the companies now producing graphene on a large scale. Finally, visitors can experience the potential of graphene in such exciting application areas as flexible displays, circuits and NFC devices, wearable sensors printed on textiles, pressure sensing, aeronautics, biomedical applications and photodetectors.

Map of Europe showing partners and associated members

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