While demand for ICT practitioners is growing by around 3% a year, the number of fresh ICT graduates and skilled ICT workers is not keeping up. To address this problem, the European Commission together with key stakeholders launched a Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. How can you contribute to this effort?

By 2020, Europe might face a shortage of almost 825,000 ICT professionals in Europe. Meanwhile, about 25 million Europeans are
currently unemployed.

The role of information and communications technology (ICT) in raising productivity and living standards is critical. The largest obstacle to harnessing the power of ICT is the shortage of digital skills.

The Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs address this issue as a multi-stakeholder partnership of businesses, education providers, and public sector entities, committed to attract young people into ICT education and increase the supply of ICT practitioners in Europe.

In order to amplify its impact, the Grand Coalition constantly encourage new members to take part in the action. The Get Involved Now brochure aims to sensitise organisations on the importance of joining the Grand Coalition and the benefits associated to it. A value proposition has been tailored for each communities (businesses, member states, education providers and civil society) while a set of actions are suggested to organisations willing to contribute to the Grand Coalition efforts.

Find out how you can contribute to this effort in the Get Involved Now brochure here below, or contact the Secretariat.

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