The Governmental Day Workshop is an initiative that aims to provide an interactive platform for broadband stakeholders in the EU with a strong focus on addressing and tackling the challenges of broadband deployment. In her keynote, Carlota Reyners Fontana, Head of Unit at DG CONNECT, gave a policy update on European Commission broadband initiatives and actions.

Speaker Governmental Workshop

For the fourth time in a row, atene KOM organised the “Governmental Day“ Workshop in the frame of the FTTH Conference that took place in Valencia, Spain between 13th and 15th February 2018.

Keynote by Carlota Reyners Fontana (Head of Unit B5, DG Connect) European Commission Policy Update

Carlota Reyners Fontana provided a thorough insight into the broadband development initiatives and actions within the European Commission, such as the BCO network, funding and financing possibilities, connectivity for a European Gigabit Society, WiFi4EU and Broadband Europe. In her presentation, she put in context current standings and objectives, consequences and strategies, measures undertaken and to be launched, but also an idea of what to emphasise, where to intensify and how to move on with European and global perspectives.

In connection to the Commission actions, the Workshop provided a platform for the winners and finalists of the European Broadband Awards 2017 to present their broadband expansion projects in the EU Member States:

Winners and finalists of the European Broadband Awards 2017

The second part of the Workshop was dedicated to concepts tackling the rural digital divide from a transnational Interreg perspective and a local perspective from Spain.

Tackling the rural digital divide

Subsequently, all participants had the chance to discuss and exchange their views and ideas via "Multilogues". The task was on identifying the challenges and to express recommendations tackling the rural digital divide in the fields of policy, regulation, finance, technology and take-up.