Net4all is one of the five winners at the European Broadband Awards 2016 competition. Regione Emilia-Romagna invests in the creation of an Ultra-Broadband (UBB) network serving public administration and private enterprises, the Lepida network - a network owned by public administration.

“Without the willingness of public administration to put at use its infrastructure, and the willingness of private operators to cover partially the costs, we would not have any success.” - Sandra Lotti, Communication Officer LepidaSpA.

The Net4all model is already applied in 12 industrial areas and 90 enterprises, and is based on reuse of existing passive public infrastructure and a public private partnership (co-investing enterprises) to build new networks. This is an example of a successful public and private investment mechanism, resulting in an open network and a strong economic business model.

As from 2002, Regione Emilia-Romagna invests in the Ultra Broad-band (UBB) network serving public administrations, the Lepida network. The network covers 64.000 km optic fibre, 2.700 km infrastructure, 1487 point of access and up to 2Gbps guaranteed. It connects all 340 municipalities, 664 schools, 199 health care centres and 290 further  public bodies, including the offices of Regione Emillia-Romagna.

The Lepida network serves as a backbone for the Net4all model. The infrastructure established within this initiative is based on optic fibre (FTTX). The connection are established from the closest joint of the Lepida network to a central point of the selected industrial area, where a switch cabinet is placed. From there links to the residing companies are implemented.