On 5 July 2013, DG CONNECT hosted a conference call with more than 65 participants to inform and discuss the state of play and next steps of the Global Internet Policy Observatory (GIPO) initiative.

The European Commission presented the main rationale, the core principles and the technical architecture it is planning to use for the development of the Global Internet Policy Observatory, or GIPO.

The Commission sees GIPO as a networked, web-based "hub" collecting, analysing and sharing information on Internet-related policy developments and decisions across the world. Its min functions would be to;

  • automatically monitor Internet-related policy developments, making full use of "big data" technologies;
  • identify links between different fora, topics and discussions threads, with the objective to overcome "policy silos", contextualise information and identify policy trends;
  • provide easy-to-use access to data via dashboards and other modern visualisation techniques.

More than 65 participants attended the call and provided their views on GIPO, which is broadly seen as a welcomed initiative. Furthermore, some participants presented other initiatives (including the Geneva Internet Initiative, the Brazilian Internet Observatory, the IdGovMap project, the ICT Research Africa and others), and suggested to seek ways to build cooperation between them and GIPO.

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