The Commission has launched a targeted review of the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) which exempts certain State aid projects from prior notification and approval by the Commission. From 2021 the InvestEU Programme will bring together under one roof all EU financial instruments. Member States can i.a. contribute their resources, including via national promotional banks, to financial products under InvestEU.

Give your opinion: targeted review of the State aid General Block Exemption Regulation

Since national funds (including from the European Structural and Investment Funds) may constitute State aid, the proposed GBER review will facilitate their seamlessly combinations with InvestEU for example to finance broadband projects.

This GBER review is of particular importance for project developers, fund managers and national promotional banks or other public finance institutions. It should also be read carefully by officials from Member States considering the possibility to contribute national or EU Cohesion funds to future InvestEU Financial instruments supporting broadband projects. Take part in the consultation and help shape the new GBER!