On 25 April 2013, Brussels will host the "Girls in ICT Day 2013", co-organised by the European Commission, the European Parliament and the ITU.

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The event, celebrated in April, every year is an initiative that aims to empower and encourage girls and young women to consider careers in the sector of technology. This year the European Commission, European Parliament and the International Telecommunication Union are joining forces to ensure the maximum visibility for advancing the cause of getting more women into technology, in particular ICT jobs.

As part of the event the European Parliament will organise a hearing on "Women in ICT" around the topics of professional women in ICT careers and developing ICT skills for ICT jobs.
We warmly encourage all stakeholders to organise activities around Girls in ICT Day. This is a way to raise visibility and build widespread support for women in ICT careers on a  local, national, and global scale. And if you are doing something worthy at your level, we would like to know!  Join the discussions on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter (#girlsdigital) and share examples of innovative solutions which aim at getting more girls and women into ICT jobs!