Get Online Week 2012 is a digital inclusion campaign on 26th-30th March in Telecentres: public internet centres in NGOs, libraries & education venues. The campaign is organised by Telecentre-Europe AISBL. Get online week 2012 will help people to get online, find work, learn new essential ICT skills, and get more out of life. It will bring together 5.000 telecentres in at least 50 countries across Europe, Eurasia and Africa to support at least 200.000 people in their online journeys. This year, the telecentre networks involved will use new learning products that will support the themes of intergenerational learning, youth employability, active aging, civic participation, social engagement and women in ICT. Read about one of the new exciting online tools - SKILLAGE is a new ICT employability learning and assessment product for young people. There will be a thousands of activities spread across Europe! Please become a stakeholder and support your national campaign coordinator highlight einclusion efforts in your country and region.