A remarkable line up of speakers and an engaged audience led to an inspiring session. Here is a report of that session.

Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli during his keynote speech

In the frame of the dynamic and rich ICT2018 conference, the session on Key Digital Technologies has been an inspiring highlight.

Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli ignited a deep reflection on what is digital, and why businesses have trouble defining digital and embracing it. He certainly has a privileged perspective, born and raised in Europe but working in the States, where he is professor at University of California - Berkley and has founded very successful businesses like Synopsis and Cadence.

Starting from illustrating the technology trends in microelectronics, photonics and software, Sangiovanni Vincentelli elaborated on how, to be able to manage the revolution that has started, we should consider not only the new technology in itself, but all aspects impacted by it, including relations to customers and ways of operating a company.  He also gave his informed opinion on the place Europe has, and will have, in the global competition.

The panel that followed had a remarkable line up:

Ruth Houbertz, a scientist, with more than 100 patents in her portfolio, who is currently CEO of Multiphoton Optics, founded in Germany in 2013.

Stefan Poledna, co-founder and member of the executive board at TTTech, founded in Austria in 1998

Andrzej Dopierala, president of Asseco Data Systems, Poland

Lauri Oksanen, Vice President for Research and Technology in Nokia, Finland

João Correia Neves is Secretary of State for Economy of Portugal

These senior industry representatives and politicians debated in a stimulating way the role of Key Digital Technologies for the future of Europe and how the European Union could support these technologies in order to improve the competitiveness of EU industry, the quality of life of citizens, and to guarantee EU sovereignty in the future.

If you are interested in their views on how to keep a thriving industry, you can also watch the recording of the session.

The slides of the keynote speech by Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli are available for downloading.


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