FET Open project EQUAM has managed to get novel phases of matter for ultracold atoms using quantum simulation. Qubits based on these stable ensembles of ultracold, slowly moving atoms offer a promising scalable platform for quantum computing.

EQUAM project logo

The FET Open project EQUAM ran from October 2013 to June 2017 on the topic of simulation of frustrated quantum magnets; these are basically complex spin arrangements resulting from conflicting inter-atomic forces. 

The consortium was led by Prof. Fabrizio Illuminati from the Quantum Theory group in the Unviersity of Salerno, Italy and seven other partenrs from Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain and Israel.

This article explains the EQUAM results and their relevance to quantum computing, mostly in the identification of stable qubits using cold atoms in optical lattices, trapped ultracold ions, NV centres in diamond, and photonic circuits.