A new research project has been launched to develop advanced ICT tools to support policy design and implementation. FUPOL (Future Policy Modeling) aims at a completely new approach to traditional politics. Major innovations like multichannel social computing and crowd sourcing will change the way politicians communicate with citizens and enterprises and take decisions. The system will be able to automatically collect, analyze and interpret opinions expressed on a large scale from the Internet.

This will enable governments to gain a better understanding of the needs of citizens. Likewise the software will have the capabilities to simulate the effects of policies and laws and to assist governments in the whole policy design process.

Funded under the 7th framework programme, the project FUPOL (Future Policy Modeling) is undertaken by a consortium of 17 partners from Europe and China. Initially it is focused on local authorities and urban policy domains, but the technologies and innovations developed will be generic and could be used on any level and for any policy domain.

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