This workshop will offer an interactive platform for broadband stakeholders in the EU with a strong focus on the challenges of broadband deployment in rural areas faced by the public local and regional authorities. Participants will be given an update on Digital Single Market policy developments.

Governmental Day Workshop by atene KOM GmbH

Participants of the “Governmental Day” Workshop benefit from the latest information on broadband and digitalisation policy developments at European and Member States’ level and a fruitful exchange with fellow broadband stakeholders.


  • Keynote by Alexandra Rotileanu (Policy Officer Unit B5 Investment in High-Capacity Networks, DG Connect)
  • Digital Single Market: European Commission Policy update      
  • Planning successful broadband roll-out! Best Practices from European regions 
  • Geographical identification        
    • BEREC representative speaks about measures and implications for authorities and investors of high-speed infrastructure and services.
  • Rural digital inclusion in Finland
    • Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications gives insights into national broadband achievements, targets and planned actions to close the digital gap.
  • Mapping the fibre infrastructure roll-out         
    • Geodata expert presents a spatial data platform for planning, effective implementation and monitoring of infrastructure roll-out with implications for authorities and investors.
  • Digital inclusion in rural Europe  
  • Dimensions of the rural digital divide: “Knowledge shared is knowledge doubled!”
    • All participants are invited to share their own experiences and learn from each other.

Take the opportunity to meet experts, exchange your experiences and learn from fellow broadband stakeholders!


Free passes for the FTTH Conference and exhibition area are offered for participants of the “Governmental Day” Workshop on a first come, first serve basis. For this special arrangement, please register before 1st of March.

atene KOM GmbH and FTTH Council Europe