The enabling of fiber optics in rural areas is a tough challenge in EU Member states. The Fryslân Ring association, a finalist of 2016 Broadband awards, took up the challenge of enabling high speed internet for Business parks and rural areas in the North of the Netherlands.

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The necessity of high speed connections in rural areas

In remote areas like the Friesland Province in The Netherlands, businesses and population have a real need for high speed connections in order to thrive. In the long term, this will allow to improve the quality of life and encourage the young population to stay in the province rather than moving to cities or other provinces.

How to tackle the challenges?

The Broadband Competence Office-Support Facility team had the opportunity of interviewing Mr Chris Jellema from Fryslân Ring. The success story shared through the video is a true statement that regardless of the challenges, the enabling of high speed internet can be achieved in rural areas.

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