This Q&A is dedicated to ICT-CALL32: Startup Europe for Growth and Innovation Radar and will be regularly updated with information requested by the potential applicants

a) Startup Europe for growth

Funding instrument: Innovation actions

Q1. What actors are you looking for, in the implementation of this specific challenge?

A1. The proposals may include partners such as accelerators, incubators, financing organisations, coworking spaces and other organisations active in the tech startup entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Q2. Why are the activities under ICT 32, point a, financed only at 70%?

A2. Because this is the funding rate for innovation actions under Horizon 2020.

Q3. Can I get funding in order to develop an innovative business idea?

A3. No, topic ICT 32 – Startup Europe for growth is not providing direct financial support for startups. It will fund services which would help startups to scale-up their business, expand cross-border, and prepare them for a successful exit, as the case may be.

Q4. What is the total budget available for this topic?

A4. As mentioned in the Horizon 2020 Work programme 2016-17 (the total budget for sub-topic a), Startup Europe for Growth, is EUR 10 million, while for sub-topic b), Innovation radar, it is EUR 2 million.

b) Innovation radar

Funding instrument: Coordination and support actions

Q1. Can my proposal offer tailored support to innovators for technologies that they were not developed in EU funded ICT projects (from Framework Programme 7, Competitiveness and Innovation Programme and Horizon 2020)?

A1. No. Proposals for Coordination and support actions should only aim to support innovators in the goal of 'getting to market' with technologies they developed in EU-funded ICT projects.

Q2. Will Innovation Radar data sets be made available to a successful consortium submitting a proposal for the ICT 32(b)?

A2. Yes, the European Commission intends to make Innovation Radar data sets concerning in EU funded ICT projects available to any CSA action launched under ICT 32(b).