DG CNECT has decided to cancel the ongoing procurement procedure for Lot 1 of the call SMART 2013/0072 - Framework Contract for the Monitoring of Public Sector Innovation and supporting services, and re-publish the call for that lot. The cancelation is due to the fact that some CPV codes were erroneously omitted from the original publication.

DG CNECT will re-publish the call for tenders for Lot 1 of the before mentioned procedure and allow a similar time period as the one allowed originally for tender preparation: 46 days. The corrigendum will shortly be published in the Official Journal.

Candidates that have submitted tenders for the cancelled Lot 1 may maintain their tenders for the re-published call or re-submit new tenders. Candidates that wish to maintain their tenders for the re-published call should inform the Commission via e-mail to CNECT-F4@ec.europa.eu before the deadline for the submission of tenders in the re-published call.

The procurement procedure for Lots 2 and 3 take place as originally stipulated, with the opening of tenders taking place on Friday, December 13, at 14:30h in the Commission Building BU25.


The European Commission launches a call for tenders for a framework contract with a value of EUR 4 000 000. The purpose of this call for tenders is: Monitoring of Public Sector Innovation and supporting services.

Please note that new documents are published: Invitation, TS, FAQ.

In today's context where open data, open services, and open decision practices are starting to be implemented at all levels of public administration, sustainable methodologies must be devised to assess innovation in the Public Sector, in particular concerning increasingly open, distributed and locally‑provisioned eGovernment services.  This call for tenders seeks to provide a framework to monitor innovation in the Public Sector using innovative, open, and more sustainable methodologies. It will also support the engagement of Public Sector stakeholders to increase the visibility of the monitoring exercises, so as to boost the practical usage of the monitoring outputs and stimulate further research that makes use of collected data to derive deeper insight about the modernisation of the Public Sector.

The objective of the activities included in this call for tenders is to obtain a quantitative overview of the status of modernisation of the Public Sector in a set of Relevant Countries and disseminate such overview to interested stakeholders and to the public in general. More specifically, this objective can be broken down into the following activities:

  • To setup the European Observatory on Public Sector Innovation, which will serve as a means for the dissemination of all the results of Public Sector Innovation monitoring activities undertaken by the Commission and as an evolving repository and reference centre for relevant information about Public Sector modernisation (in Europe and otherwise), and which will allow for communication between the various stakeholders involved in related activities.
  • To design and execute data collection activities to provide a quantitative assessment of the modernisation of the Public Sector in the set of Relevant Countries in different government domains, using a mix of indicators and methodologies.
  • To conduct pilots to develop novel methodologies and indicators in order to keep the benchmark relevant in face of mutating conditions and changing policy priorities. The developed methodologies should be financially sustainable for the European Commission in the long term.
  • To organize workshops to structure and complement Public Sector Innovation monitoring activities and present the evolution of the measurements.
  • To develop specific studies that, on one side, extract insights from the data collected in the quantitative assessments that are relevant in the context of the EU's political priorities; and on the other side expand the body of knowledge in areas of increasing interest that have not been sufficiently researched, for instance via assessments of the main policies in the field of Public Sector Innovation put in place by the set of Relevant Countries in light of EU priorities.

This call for tenders comprises three lots. Each lot will result in up to 3 separate framework contracts.  The Lots are the following:

  • Lot 1: "European Observatory on Public Sector Innovation"
  • Lot 2: "Data collection, Methodology and Workshops for Public Sector Innovation monitoring"
  • Lot 3: "Public Sector Innovation Data Analysis and Studies"


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