The Commission has received monthly reports from Google, Facebook and Twitter addressing actions taken during April 2019 towards implementation of the commitments on electoral integrity. These reports are part of the intermediate targeted monitoring of the Code of Practice against disinformation ahead of the European Parliament elections in May 2019 and follow up on the reports submitted for March.

The Commission recognises the continued progress by Facebook, Google and Twitter on their commitments to protect the integrity of the elections.

All three platforms have made political ad libraries publicly available, also searchable via APIs. In addition, all three platforms have taken robust actions against manipulative behaviour on their services, including coordinated information operations and the malicious use of bots and fake accounts. They have also provided specific data on actions to improve the scrutiny of ad placements. The data provided should be more granular to enable an accurate assessment of how the platforms’ policies have actually reduced the spread of disinformation in the EU. The Commission regrets that Google and Twitter did not yet develop and implement policies for the identification and public disclosure of issue-based advertisements.

Looking beyond the European elections, signatories must now step up their efforts to take effective measures to empower consumers and the research community.

More information on the Code of Practice on Disinformation.

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