The European Commission in partnership with the FIWARE Foundation will host the FIWARE Open Day on March 7th 2017 in Brussels. FIWARE is an open source cloud platform with a collaborative and mature ecosystem of developers, innovation Hubs, accelerators, cities and more than a thousand startups, supported by the European Commission as part of the Digital Agenda 2020.

FIWARE Open Day – Registration is now open!

The European Commission in partnership with the FIWARE Foundation is pleased to announce the FIWARE Open Day that will take place on March 7th 2017 in Brussels.

The future of tech applications is in open standard APIs that will ease the development of new digital products and services through the use of standard components, thus ensuring portability, interoperability and openness of services across Europe and making the Digital Single Market a reality.

FIWARE enables faster innovation, facilitates interoperability, allows reuse of applications and avoids vendor lock-in. In addition, users can fully benefit from open innovation ecosystems of developers and start-ups.

With presence all over the world thanks to its Mundus programme,  FIWARE enhances social cohesion by fostering job creation and growth, and is now moving to the market with the support of the FIWARE Foundation.

The FIWARE Open Day will be a unique opportunity for you to discover and learn about FIWARE, how your organisation can benefit from it, while networking and discussing on the relevant sectors such as Smart Cities, Agri-food and Manufacturing.

More information and registration 

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