The final report on the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP) entitled "Breaking the Mould: A New Model for EU Innovation Programmes" has just been published.

Cover page of report showing a picture of a bridge and the title of the report

A panel of experts chaired by Prof Luke Georghiou, has assessed the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP) FI-PPP achievements over summer 2017 and the final report is now available. 

The report concludes the FI-PPP represents significant business value for the investment made. The impact of the Programme is already tangible and further benefits can be expected. FIWARE has a promising future, well positioned for the next wave of the digital revolution that the FIWARE Foundation is taking care of since the beginning of this year.

The report also highlights that the FI-PPP has achieved notable successes at both strategic level (what was delivered) and operational level (how it was delivered). The FIWARE platform is an open-source alternative already being taken up within markets worldwide, while its implementation demonstrated a flexibility of mind that is unusual in EU circles and did much to gain the confidence of business and investor stakeholders. This represents a valuable vanguard experience in planning for the next funding programme, FP9 innovation pillar, with its stress on engaging with start-up and scale-up businesses, and for the mission-oriented, impact-focused approach foreseen under FP9, as recommended by the Lamy report “Lab Fab App”(PDF)

This successful experience will be leveraged in the NGI – Next Generation Internet initiative and will inspire the elaboration and implementation of its programmatic approach.

Programme Achievements and Outcomes

The Panel considers the main outcomes from this six-year effort to be:

  • An open service platform with distinctive technological advantages and the credibility to compete in global markets;
  • A valuable body of results in key application sectors accumulated through the Use Cases and Large-Scale Trials;
  • A ground-breaking experiment in using a Europe-wide network of innovation accelerators and hubs to support SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs in using these technologies, together with a substantive body of knowledge on good accelerator practices accumulated during this experiment;
  • The commitment of several major industry players willing to embrace FIWARE and champion it within key market sectors;
  • An evolving ecosystem of large companies, SMEs, developers, start-ups and users that is sufficiently committed to FIWARE to have formed an independent foundation to be custodian of the technology and community;
  • Commercial reference deployments of FIWARE-based solutions worldwide across many sectors, with an especially prominent and promising position within the Smart City market;
  • Increasing recognition of the merits and advantages of FIWARE within various forums worldwide, including adoption of the FIWARE platform as a de facto standard.

Achievements in Figures

Some of the most important achievements can be demonstrated by the following figures:

  • 450 FTEs across Europe employed within the FI-PPP between 2011 and 2016;
  • EUR 100 million leveraged from direct financial contributions to FI-PPP projects;
  • 52 software components (‘enablers’) listed in the final FIWARE Catalogue;
  • 8300 proposals for grant funding submitted across 31 calls by Phase 3 accelerators;
  • 1047 StartUps and SMEs (‘sub-grantees’) funded, each receiving on average around EUR 75 000 support for developing FIWARE-based solutions and apps;
  • 110 organisations worked together across 16 accelerators to support sub-grantees;
  • EUR 110 million + in external investments received into FIWARE sub-grantees (until 20/11/2017).


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