WAI-ACT Project invites web accessibility practitioners, researchers, and users to participate in the WAI-ACT Open Meeting to: •Learn more about the WAI-ACT Project; •Provide input into project developments; •Explore opportunities for collaboration. We encourage you to participate if you are interested in: •Authoritative guidance on the implementation of accessibility in advanced web technologies; •Internationally harmonized methodologies to support evaluation of websites for accessibility; •Common visions and contribution to a coordinated eAccessibility research agenda. We particularly invite participants involved in relevant projects, initiatives, and activities with interest in expanded cooperation in Europe and internationally on the development of accessibility solutions. Registration open until 17 January 2012 or when spaces are full. The WAI-ACT Project - Web Accessibility Initiative - Cooperation Framework for Guidance on Advanced Technologies, Evaluation Methodologies, and Research Agenda Setting to Support eAccessibility - is partially funded under the 7th Framework Research Programme.