This study brings quantitative and qualitative evidence on companies' approach to making available data to other companies ("B2B data sharing").

Further to the Communication of the Commission "Building a European Data Economy" (COM(2017)9 of 10 January 2017), the Commission sought to obtain quantitative and qualitative evidence on to what extent and how companies "share" data with other companies, i.e. make data available either voluntarily or as a result of a legal obligation and either against payment, other type of reward or without any direct reward.

The findings of the study have been published in the EU Bookshop.

The study confirms that "B2B data sharing" can take many forms in terms of business model. It illustrates them by means of 16 industry case studies (see below), showing also the technical means.
It provides quantitative evidence demonstrating that data interdependencies are growing in key sectors that are either already or are on the way of becoming data-driven (manufacturing, agriculture, automotive, smart living environments, telecoms): 39% of companies surveyed supply data to other companies and 42% of companies use data from other companies. The study report underlines the importance for companies to acquire access to real-time or geo-localised data for new business opportunities. It details the motivations, the mechanisms but also the barriers to such behaviour.

The report highlights that companies expect such interdependencies to grow over time. 20% of companies even considered "data sharing" as a main economic activity of the company. Companies expect data sharing to become even more important in the future: 46% of companies surveyed expect that sharing data with other companies will be a main economic activity in five years from now.