The EU SME eHealth Competition rewards the best eHealth solution of 2013 produced by a European Small and Medium Enterprise. Meet the finalists.

The objectives of the EU SME eHealth Competition are:

  • to support business success of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by giving them visibility together with marketing opportunities to attract customers, partners and external capital;
  • to stimulate innovation in the field of eHealth and thus improving healthcare.

New technology can do a lot for healthcare. From telecare that helps the vulnerable be cared for without leaving home, to simple smartphone apps that let people take control of their own healthy living. Many of these innovations come from smaller and medium-sized companies.

Only 15 SMEs have made it to the Final on the 13th of May 2013 at the eHealth Week in Dublin (Ireland). They were selected from a total of 212 applications; only European SME's with less than 150 employees and an annual turnover of less than 5.000.000 Euros could apply.

There were two categories:
1.    Promises: SMEs with turnover less than 500.000€.
2.    Champions: SMEs with turnover more than 500.000€ (considering only the eHealth unit, in case the company has several divisions).

The prizes per category are:
•    1st prize: 1.000€ and many free tickets for future networking events and memberships
•    2nd prize: 500€ and many free tickets for future networking events and memberships
•    3rd prize: many free tickets for future networking events and memberships

The first prizes will be handed over by Commissioner of the Digital Agenda for Europe Neelie Kroes at 15.00h (13/5).

Who are the finalists:

Promise category
•    Biovotion (Switzerland) offers continuous, non-invasive, wearable concepts for accurate physiological monitoring embedded into mHealth.
•    BrainControl (Italy): Mind Power for Assistive Technologies - Braincontrol gives disabled people the ability to control objects with their minds.
•    Cognuse (Estonia) aims to radically improve mental rehabilitation accessibility.   
•    DNAlytics (Belgium) developed RheumaKit, an early online diagnostic solution for patients with arthritis. Find a demo on    
•    Mood Institute (France): Depression - bipolar disorder, their eHealth solutions empower and educate patients.
•    Saludnova (Spain): Home tele-monitoring solutions for multi-pathologic chronic disease patients with real-time detection of alarm situations.
•    Sense Observation Systems (The Netherlands) developed "Goalie":  the personal health assistant that is context aware to improve cognitive behavioural therapy for mental care.
•    TedCas Medical Systems (Spain) revolutionizes handling of information in hospital environments, developing touch-free Natural User Interfaces.
•    WINMedical (Italy) developed a wireless physiological multi-parameter monitoring system designed for general medical wards and for home monitoring.   

Champion category   
•    C4U Technologies (Denmark)    developed a web-based Personal Health Record and secure messaging between patient/physician.
•    Mediconsult (Finland) developed the Medinet service: it provides necessary health status data and engage users through remote self-reporting and treatment.
•    Medisana AG (Germany): VitaDock, manage your health with your smartphone and tablet.
•    SaludOnNet (Spain): the eHealth 360º cloud platform that connects Patients, Clinics, Doctors and Health Insurances.   
•    UK Preventive Medicine (UK) developed the Prevention Plan - A Comprehensive Care Co-Production System.
•    Vivago (Finland): VivagoGlobal calls for help even when you can’t. It creates data for preventive care, reduces costs and boosts quality .

eHealth Week is the biggest annual eHealth event in Europe, bringing together industry, academia, government and regional decision makers from all over the continent.