Following a midterm evaluation in 2005, the final evaluation of the eTEN Programme has been published, covering the period from 2002 until programme end in December 2006.

A team of contracted independent evaluators has assessed the relevance of the programme's objectives, priorities and means of implementation, the effectiveness and impact of the programme, its efficiency and cost effectiveness, its utility and sustainability, and causal links from resources used through to activities and presumed impacts.

The Commission considers that this is a very positive report confirming both the effectiveness of the programme management and the utility of the programme. The results provide also evidence that the Policy Support Programme of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) can be expected to build on the results of eTEN.

Work will continue into 2009 by both the evaluators and the Commission to determine the impact of projects from later years of the eTEN Programme.

Full report, Memorandum and Communication