Learn about FI-Lab, FI-Ops, and FI-WARE and what they can do for Smart Cities

The FI-PPP was present in the Smart City Expo, Barcelona (Spain), 19-21 Nov 2013. This is the largest event on Smart Cities in the world. FI-WARE and XIFI had a stand of 30 sqm and showed what they offered to cities that want to become smarter.



The FI-PPP offering for smart cities consists of:

  • FI-WARE: the technology that application developers can use to build Future Internet applications
  • FI-Ops: the tools that platform providers can use to operate platforms based on FI-WARE
  • FI-Lab: a platform based on FI-WARE that serves as the center of an innovation ecosystem, which allows application developers (incl. entrepreneurs) to meet application sponsors (those who want to buy or invest in applications to run their business or to offer those applications to their customers) and viceversa.

FI-WARE and FI-Ops together bring the core functionality and operation support tools of a Smart City platform. FI-WARE technologies will ease development of:

  • portals/platform for publication of Open APIs and Open Data that developers can use to develop applications
  • innovative application/services that can be delivered to citizens (e.g., applications that ease car driving or usage of public transport in the city)
  • innovative solutions helping cities to manage their services more efficiently (e.g., garbage collection, furniture maintenance, etc)
  • The FI-Ops suite of tools will ease operation of a Smart City platform based on FI-WARE technologies
  • Cities can connect to FI-Lab putting their open data at work within that space:
    • Entrepreneurs can use the open data available in FI-Lab to build innovation solutions and application/services they can showcase to cities
    • Cities can make a deal with entrepreneurs showcasing the most interesting solutions or application/services 
  • By connecting to FI-Lab, cities can benefit from the visibility and promotion (marketing campaigns, success stories) planned for that space.  Besides, solutions trialed on FI-Lab can be easily ported to operational Smart City platforms based on FI-WARE.
  • It is difficult for cities to build open innovation ecosystems on their own. FI-Lab offers cities the opportunity to join forces and gain the necessary scale and level of awareness among the wide community of developers



The cities of Trento and Torino (both in Italy) have officially joined FI-Lab. The Spanish cities of Málaga, Sevilla, Santander and Zaragoza already joined earlier.


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