Are you involved in a project on very high-capacity networks, infrastructure or applications? Has your project been at least 65% completed? Would you like to see your project recognised at a European level? Then don't miss the chance to apply for the 2019 European Broadband Awards! Big or small, rural or urban, private or public, you might be the next winner in one of the five categories. The winners will be announced in December 2019 and showcased across Europe in European Commission and very high-capacity network events. Deadline for application is Friday, 6 September 2019.

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How and when to apply?

Download the application form and the guide for applicants. Carefully read the guide and explanations in the application form. Fill in the application (xlsx file) and submit as xlsx file via e-mail. The deadline for submitting the applications is 6 September 2019, 16:00 CEST.

The winners will be announced and awarded in the Broadband Awards ceremony and invited to present the project. Winning projects will also be presented in the Broadband Day Conference taking place in Brussels (3 Dec 2019). Winning projects will feature on the Digital Single Market website, a number of newsletters, the good practice database of Broadband Europe as well as in a number of events across Europe.

Award categories

The projects will apply to and will be awarded in one of the five categories:

  1. Innovative models of financing, business and investment. The projects that applied effective and innovative financing, business or investment models will choose this category.
  2. Cost reduction measures and co-investment. The category is addressed to projects that applied measures exploiting the synergies between different infrastructures and strived for cooperation among relevant stakeholders in building and investing in infrastructure.
  3. Socio-economic impact in rural and remote areas. The category is for projects that have direct and indirect socio-economic impacts and substantially improved connections to and in the remote and rural areas
  4. Demand generation and take-up of connectivity. The projects that implemented measures stimulating the demand side and increasing the take-up of services will apply in this category.
  5. Quality and affordability of services. The category is addressed to projects focusing on providing high quality and affordable services for end-users.

Further information & support

European Broadband Awards help desk
Tel: +49 30 6098990 19

More details are available at the European Broadband Awards page. The European Broadband Awards are managed by the European Commission (DG Connect).


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