The European project FET2RIN has won a video competition organised by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission. The objective of the video was to showcase the outcomes of the project by reaching a large non-specialist audience .

Extract of the video

FET2RIN was born to help researchers from the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme to make the most out of their risky research and to exploit the disruptive innovation they generated.

In the awarded video FET2RIN  promotes a FET Innovation Launchpad project, WhiteRabbit, that builds on the results of another FET project SMARTSOCIETY. WhiteRabbit aims to bring to the market an innovative software platform that allows to extract value from personal data, while keeping its subjects in the loop and also complying with upcoming regulations.

University of Trento and META group SRL are partners in the project WhiteRabbit, while University of Trento is also the coordinator of the original SMARTSOCIETY project and META group SRL is the FET2RIN coordinator.

The video entered the competition and was the most-liked video within the campaign launched by DG RTD "Showcase your project" to promote video communication for EU funded project results.

As a reward, FET2RIN coordinator has been given free travel and accommodation to attend the next ESOF conference in Toulouse in July 2018.

More information

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