Fear of crime is contagious, even in low crime communities. It is perpetuated by the opinion of others, and often doesn’t correlate to the actual likelihood of experiencing crime.

Horizon 2020 FET-Proactive project CIMPLEX  develops novel modeling, computational and ICT tools needed to predict and influence disease spread and other contagion phenomena in complex social systems. The project combines large scale, realistic, data-driven models with participatory data-collection and advanced methods for Big Data analysis.

CIMPLEX started January 2015 and will finish end of 2017 with a total EU contribution of EUR 3.450.625

As a result of the work within CIMPLEX, one of the project partners, UCL, has just published an article "Modelling the fear of crime" in Proceedings of Royal Society A on the issue of contagion of fear of crime. The paper explains how a generalised fear of crime exists in cities and countries in which crime rates are low. 

For more details, please see the UCL press release.