FET Open (Future and Emerging Technologies) supports early-stage high-risk research around new ideas for radically new future technologies. It explores an open range of new and disruptive technological possibilities in all areas of Science & Technology, inspired by cutting-edge science, unconventional collaborations and thus pioneering new ways to create the optimum conditions for serendipity to occur.

FET Open: state of play booklet

FET Open is extremely popular in the research community. An impressive amount of 3.408 proposals have been submitted to the different calls during the first four years of Horizon 2020, covering a wide range of disciplines: from physical, chemical and biological sciences and biotechnology, to medicine and medical engineering and to humanities and social sciences.

Interdisciplinarity is a key characteristic of the 122 running FET-Open projects. In fact, FET Open is the only part of Horizon 2020 that is addressing bottom-up interdisciplinary research on emerging technologies - this, together with its simple proposal submission process, makes it one of the most popular parts of Horizon 2020. 

Further good news is that during the period 2018-2020, the EU will invest another 650 Mio € in more than 200 ambitious high-risk / high-impact interdisciplinary FET-Open projects as part of the EIC pilot. FET Open will be the EIC pilot’s exploratory engine for research on future and emerging technologies. It will continue to mobilise Europe’s most creative and forward thinking researchers and innovators from all disciplines to work together and discover what may become the disruptive technologies of the future.

The "FET Open in 2014-2017: state of play" booklet provides analysis and information on tendencies of FET-Open Research and Innovation Actions in terms of country and organization participations, scientific fields covered, interdisciplinarity of research topics, proposal resubmissions as well as innovation-related aspects.

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