This second edition of the EIT Digital-IEEE Federated 5G/SDN/NFV/MEC Testbed Workshop will build on the achievements of the first workshop held in San Francisco. It will focus on progress made in the implementation of 5G/SDN/NFV/MEC testbeds based on open source technologies and their potential federation. The group of experts and stakeholders will present and discuss technical and legal challenges but also new business models based on experiences and best practices gained from major past and existing federated testbed programmes.

Access to ICT enabling technologies plays an important role for the creation of innovative products, services and solutions in the digital economy. Application domains, IT and networking technologies are converging rapidly which is leading to increased competition and shorter life cycles for innovation.

In this context it becomes increasingly complex and costly for researchers and developers to get access to state-of-the-art ICT infrastructures to prototype and validate their ideas.  Recent focus on emerging 5G networks is an excellent example to illustrate the complexity of future networking and service environments. SDN, NFV, and MEC provide the architectural foundations for a new reliable, scalable, secure and highly agile network slicing infrastructure with different physical fixed and mobile access network technologies. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to find one single testbed that offers all the functionalities needed. The concept of Federation is not new but it offers the possibility to distribute across different sites and across organizational boundaries the same or similar capabilities and/or to integrate different technologies. Federation will allow also testing the deployment of highly efficient services and applications - for smart mobility, smart cities, digital health, smart energy, digital industry.

The workshop will be an opportunity for consolidating a set of requirements coming from the industry as well as new business models.

Participants will also get a unique preview of the new IEEE Testbed Toolkit and Federated Testbed Catalogue, a major resource allowing the international research community in academia and industry to find appropriate toolkits and instantly build their own SDN/NFV/MEC testbed and join existing (federated) testbeds.

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EU funded project on a federated testbed for future networks (and 5G): SOFTFIRE

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