FACE Entrepreneurship organises its fourth offline event, where social fears of young entrepreneurs will be discussed. How can they explain to their family and friends that they have decided to embark on this adventure? Join the event in person or via streaming through the FACE platform.

Experts participating in the FACE (Failure Aversion Change in Europe) Entrepreneurship project agree that one of the most common fears that new entrepreneurs have to face is social fear. “Fears related to social perception are in a dominating category,” assures Jan Brinckmann, professor at ESADE Business School, in a DELPHI study that also pointed to the financial fears and the fear of losing it all as two of the other greatest concerns for entrepreneurs.   It is always hard to leave behind a stable job or to invest your savings in an idea that may or may not work out, but sometimes it's even harder to tell your loved ones about your project. 

Starting a company is sometimes considered a “crazy”, not the norm or “not normal” choice and founders may fear to be exposed to friends, family, coworkers and other people who may doubt or even ridicule the intended venture idea. Moreover, they may consider the founder that failed a failure for life and may not provide further opportunities later.

To help young entrepreneurs deal with and overcome these fears, an encouraging and networking event named “FACE Prague. Umh! I have something to tell you”   will take place next March 3rd, from 17:30 to 20:30 GMT at the Ministry of Industry - Politických vězňů 20, 112 49 – in Prague. Four experienced entrepreneurs will share the doubts they faced when letting the people around them know that they’ve decided to embark on the entrepreneurship path: Kristina Tsvetanova, Ragnar Sass, Marek Fodor and Dennis Tan.

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