This event will address the career-related fears young entrepreneurs have to tackle. Should they leave their stable jobs and embark on the entrepreneurship path? Join and learn from others' experience.

Future career uncertainty is one of the most common fears young entrepreneurs must confront, according to a research carried out by experts participating in the FACE Entrepreneurship (Failure Aversion Change in Europe) project. In many cases, launching a startup means leaving behind a comfortable job to start out on a project with an unknown outcome, which often translates into great fears of losing professional standing or professional development.

To help young entrepreneurs deal with and overcome these fears, an inspiring and networking event in the framework of the Startup Europe Week named “FACE Dublin. What about my future?”  will take place next February 4th, from 17:30 to 20:30 GMT at the Guinness Enterprise Centre (Dublin). Four entrepreneurship experts will be brought together to share the doubts they faced when they decided to leave their stable jobs and embark on the entrepreneurship path: Jesse Van Doren, Ken Banks, Cristina Luminea and Eoin Costello.

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Do you want to follow the event on live streaming? Just register on the FACE Entrepreneurship platform, click on box 35 of the board game next February 4th at 17:30h and enjoy!

“FACE Dublin. What about my future?” is the third offline event of a European tour organized by FACE Entrepreneurship, a European project funded by the European Commission in the framework of the H2020 Programme, that aims to promote ICT entrepreneurship among the most well equipped generation in the history of Europe and to challenge the concept of failure through the understanding and confrontation of the most common fears entrepreneurs FACE.

Besides offline events, FACE Entrepreneurship offers a wide range of advantages for registered users on their platform:

  • More than 100 quality interviews with top of the line entrepreneurs
  • Direct tips about what investors value the most and are looking for
  • Resources for starting up a business
  • Contests that provide users with the chance to win guided visits to consolidated startups and companies of reference in Europe and much more.

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Grupo Secuoya is coordinating the project with the support of Telefonica Open Future and Microsoft Bizspark.

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