This workshop, organised by the EU-funded CHOICE project, will bring together key stakeholders specialized in the ICT field to discuss EU-China Research Development and Innovation collaboration under FIWARE with a focus on key technological domains like Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and specific application fields such as Smart City.

In particular, this workshop will aim to:

  • Explore EU-China developments on research excellence in the area of IoT, Big Data and Smart Cities;
  • Generate policy dialogues by facilitating the interaction between European and Chinese officials;
  • Promote FI-PPP and FIWARE European initiative and its applications towards China;
  • Propose self-sustaining mechanisms for strengthening EU-China research collaboration.

Over 30 delegates are expected to attend this thematic workshop, including policy stakeholders from the European Commission and Chinese Ministries MOST & MIIT, representatives from the EU-China Expert Group on Future Internet and the EU-China Green Smart City Expert Group, and main research stakeholders from Europe and China specialized in ICT/Future Internet/Smart Cities.

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