On 8 September 2020, DG CNECT, in cooperation with DG AGRI, brought together key experts, scientists, IT and data specialists and interested participants working in the agri-food sector in a technical workshop on a Common European agricultural data space.

The workshop discussions will help the Commission to draft the first Work Programme of the Digital Europe Programme. The overall aim was to gather expert views on how the Commission can support the implementation of a Common European data space in the agriculture sector. The data space is intended to facilitate the trustworthy pooling and sharing of agricultural data throughout the whole value-chain. Next to private data, the data space may also include public data and has the potential to serve common good purposes, such as Research and Innovation (R&I). In the development of the data space, experiences gained stakeholder-led Code of Conduct on agricultural data sharing by contractual agreement are to be taken into account.

The workshop report, participant presentations and position papers are available for download.

Workshop report - Common European Agricultural Data Space


Agtech Ireland

Agtech Ireland - position paper


AIOTI - presentation

AIOTI - position paper


Austria Statement


Bayer - presentation

Bayer - position paper


CEMA - presentation

CEMA - position paper

Copa Cogeca

Copa Cogeca - presentation

Copa Cogeca - position paper


DEMETER - position paper


DFKI - presentation

DFKI - position paper 


DKE - presentation

DKE - position paper


FEGA - position paper

Frauhofer IESE

Fraunhofer IESE - position paper 


IDSA - presentation

IDSA - position paper


ILVO - presentation 

ILVO - position paper

IoF 2020

IoF2020 - position paper


LUKE - position paper

Maynooth University

Maynooth University - position paper


NIVA - position paper