The European Digital Agenda will be a major contributor to the European Commission's overall strategy for developing a low-carbon, high value European economy over the coming five years.

Whereas significant work has been done to date in estimating the footprint of the ICT sector as well as the "potential contribution" of ICTs to contributing to energy efficiency savings in various industrial and service sectors, e.g. smart buildings/lighting etc, there is still a need to accelerate the more fundamental "ICT enabled re-structuring" across society and the economy that could lead to significant changes in behaviour in the run up to 2020. The European Commission wants to investigate the role that urban areas can have in accelerating the move towards the "connected low-carbon economy". The challenge for the contractor will be to assist the Commission services in identifying ways to catalyse or enable changes in citizen behaviour through the provision of inventive ICT services (building largely on existing networks and services provision infrastructures) leading to measurable per capita, per annum reductions in energy use and Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Parties interested in taking part in the tendering procedure are invited to send a request to participate to by 10/02/2010.

The launching of the tender procedure will take place within 2 weeks.