The aim of the study is to evaluate the perfomance of the European Broadband Portal. The methodology includes: review of deliverables, web survey and benchmark analysis.

The total price cannot exceed €60,000

The contractor will be expected to:

  1. Propose a methodology to evaluate the performance of EBP and document its results;
  2. Form a representative sample of contacts at regional level which took part in EBP activities (e.g. participation to workshops, contribution to EBP website, content, etc.);
  3. Review the EBP deliverables provided to the Commission since the beginning of the first EBP contract, e.g. periodic reports (ref. 2007/S 197-238693: and SMART 2010/0100 30-CE-0364898/00-10);
  4. Develop a questionnaire and carry out a survey of the identified contacts;
  5. Provide an overview and benchmark EBP against similar platforms in or outside of the EU; and
  6. Present recommendations for the new portal.