More than two-thirds of EU citizens (70%) have a positive view of robots, according to a new EU Eurobarometer survey; the majority agree that robots "are necessary as they can do jobs that are too hard or too dangerous for people" (88%) and that "they are a good thing for society because they help people" (76%). The survey found that people who have some personal experience with robots are more likely to have a positive view (88%) than the wide majority who lack this experience (68%). The more interested in science people are, the more positive they tend to be towards robots (86% of EU citizens who are very interested in science and technology hold positive views about robots, compared to only 42% of those who are not interested). EU citizens have clear views about the areas where robots should operate: they should work in areas that are too difficult or too dangerous for humans, like space exploration (52% consider this a priority), manufacturing (50%), military and security uses (41%) and search and rescue tasks (41%).