This workshop will present ways of introducing innovation to create smarter rural and remote areas. The lack of digital skills and reliable connectivity has a negative effect on European businesses and citizens. The European Commission has a strategy towards closing this digital gap and provides means for regional and local authorities to introduce smart innovation, improve connectivity and ensure greater competitiveness in rural areas. Registration is open to all. The final agenda will be made available to participants directly.

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Margaret Bateson-Missen - Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development (DG AGRI), Head of Unit
Pacôme Elouna Eyenga - EIP-AGRI, Team leader
Tanja Folnović - Agrivi, Digital Agriculture Lead
Paul Soto - European Network for Rural Development (ENRD), Senior Policy Expert


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This workshop is organised by the BCO Network Support Facility and the European Commission as part of a capacity-building knowledge-exchange programme run by the BCO Network Support Facility in order to connect and strengthen the BCO Network, support broadband roll-out in urban, rural and remote regions, and contribute to achieving the EU Digital Single Market and Gigabit Society objectives.

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