The digital gap affecting Europe's rural areas represents an obstacle to their development and to the EU's economic growth. The lack of reliable internet connections limits both individuals and businesses. The European Commission has come up with a plan to gradually close this gap, introduce broadband infrastructure and help empower these areas. It aims to present ways in which broadband projects can be implemented in rural and remote areas and to share good practices along with information about the Commission's "Action Plan for Rural Broadband".

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Register by September 28 via the registration portal, using the registration code "10WS1".

Speakers will include:

  • Margaret Bateson-Missen, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development, Head of Unit
  • Emilija Stojmenova, University of Ljubljana, Assistant Professor
  • Maria Sörman, Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, Head of Unit (BCO Sweden)
  • Marianne Selkäinaho, Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Senior Officer (BCO Finland)

Jan Dröge, Director of the BCO Network Support Facility, will moderate the workshop.  

This workshop is part of the thematic cluster "Territorial development (regional, urban, rural)" of the European Week of Regions and Cities.

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