The eCall Memorandum of Understanding (eCall MoU) is about to be signed by Vodafone Europe. Other important industry players, such as NXP semiconductors, have also expressed their interest to sign up to the MoU. With their signature, these companies commit themselves to actively supporting the timely implementation and deployment of eCall, the pan-European in-vehicle emergency call system.

"I am very pleased that more and more leading European corporations and the Commission are on the same wavelength when it comes to eCall", said Viviane Reding, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media. "eCall can save up to 2,500 lives on European roads each year and mitigate injuries in 15% of all serious crashes. I call on other industrial majors and public authorities to sign up to eCall as soon as possible. We cannot wait any longer: lives are at stake here".


The pan-European in-vehicle emergency call system, "eCall", is a device that automatically calls the nearest emergency centre in the event of a serious traffic accident. During the call the exact location of the accident scene is transmitted to the centre, even if there is no voice connection, when for example all passengers have lost consciousness. Knowledge of the exact location reduces the response time of the rescue teams by 40 % in built-up areas and 50 % in rural environments. 2.500 lives could be saved in the European Union annually, and 15 % of serious injuries mitigated, if all European cars were equipped with eCall.

Several major companies from different industry sectors have already signed up to the eCall MoU. Among them are, to name just a few, insurance giant Allianz AG, the world's largest automotive supplier Robert Bosch AG, electronic equipment manufacturer Delphi Delco Electronics Europe, mobile telecom supplier Motorola, and, last but not least, digital map provider Teleatlas NV.

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