Our Digital Future is now! EFECS is the international forum along the Electronic Components and Systems value chains in Europe. This year EFECS is going to inspire you virtually, by providing the means to meet online, learn, discover and shape Our Digital Future together.

EFECS 2020 Event

The European Forum of Electronic Components and Systems (EFECS), is a unique conference, bringing together representatives from across the Electronic Components & Systems (ECS) community, whilst providing an exclusive opportunity to engage with the leaders and enablers of Europe’s Digital Economy, to discover the latest technology trends, help shape the future of technology, network within the ECS Community and acquire information on support available to make this happen. This year exceptionally, the event will be held as a virtual conference, due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic.

The conference follows the EU presidency in Germany, with high-level representatives from Member States, industry and research. The opening of the event will include keynotes from BMBF and DG CONNECT. The theme, 'Our Digital Future – Technology that works for people', will portray the role ECS technologies play in keeping the EU industry, economy and society resilient and relevant for the future. In addition, the event will contain high-level presentations, interactive workshops, pre-brokerage activities, an exhibition for new project ideas and project dissemination, and EU-funded project innovation awards.

EFECS 2020 is also the best place to disseminate project results, as this event attracts 650+ visitors and 70+ exhibitors, and all relevant ECS stakeholders will be present. Furthermore, EFECS will provide insight into the funding landscape developments and future trends, latest technological developments and links to the relevant instruments. 

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