The EDCi 2016 index provides information about the strengths and weaknesses of 60 local ecosystems from around Europe

As part of the EDFx project, Nesta launches today an updated and improved version of the European Digital City Index (EDCi). The index, which was first produced in 2015, has now been expanded to cover sixty cities across Europe. It combines forty different variables to produce a composite measure of how well different cities support startups and scale-ups.

At the same time, Nesta is also launching an 'Idea Bank' to complement the Index - a collection of policies and initiatives to help local policymakers who want to support digital entrepreneurs.

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European Digital Forum Thought Leadership and Policy Network Exchange - EDFx project is run by The European Digital Forum, a think tank led by the Lisbon Council and Nesta.

The consortium developed an in-house research methodology for the European Digital City Index and produced its inaugural 2015 edition, measuring digital entrepreneurship environment in 35 European cities through 38 indicators grouped in 10 themes.