On 23 March 2020 the European Commission opened eTranslation, a free-of-charge secure automated translation tool for European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Six months later, on the European Day of Languages, it is time to pause and take stock.

There are now 7000 SME users and their number is growing. In parallel, there was a huge increase in public administrations’ registration to the user interface, which has more than tripled since the SME opening, totalling also 7000. If this trend continues, SMEs and public administrations could in the near future outnumber the almost 20.000 users within the EU institutions.

The language coverage of eTranslation has been extended during the same period. eTranslation now also speaks Russian and Chinese as these languages were in the top needs of the SMEs that were consulted.

Early September, the engines for all EU official languages have also been updated. Our state-of-the art tool provides now better automated translations and supports even more Europe’s rich linguistic diversity.

eTranslation will help any user who would like to correspond or do business in a foreign language but has not yet reached proficiency in that language.