The European Commission has created the European Cybersecurity Atlas, a digital knowledge management platform to map, categorise and stimulate collaboration between European cybersecurity experts in support of the EU Digital Strategy. The Atlas is a first of its kind and will be an important support to the forthcoming European cybersecurity competence centre.

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The primary goals of the Atlas Platform are to:

  • facilitate the establishment of a community of practice
  • help identify with whom to collaborate on future projects
  • map the competencies of Europe in various cybersecurity domains 
  • act as a knowledge management tool for the future European Cybersecurity Competence Centre
  • raise the visibility of participants within the cybersecurity community and beyond
  • better coordinate European R&D efforts in cybersecurity
  • contribute to shaping the strategic orientations of EU programmes funding cybersecurity research, technology and capabilities
  • provide relevant input to cybersecurity policymaking in Europe
  • provide awareness of the cybersecurity community
  • support the European Commission on managing work programmes and allocation of funds.

The main benefits for organisations and researchers in providing their information to the Atlas platform are:

  • Networking: the platform provides an opportunity to enlarge the research network and get in contact with relevant peers across Europe.
  • Visibility and influence: the participation in the platform improves the organisation visibility allowing it to be taken into consideration by the EC and cybersecurity community in EU policies, programmes, events, and sectorial activities.
  • Furthermore, students, job seekers, and market analysists are a few important users expected to use the Atlas as a reference point for cybersecurity expertise in Europe.

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