Today at the Digital Day in Rome the European Commission launched the European platform of national initiatives on digitising industry. It brings together the 13 existing national initiatives to digitise industry to improve the sharing of best practices and make sure that measures taken by Member States can complement and reinforce each other. The platform will soon be reinforced by the nine national initiatives currently in preparation.

Here are some quotes from the ministers who participate in today's launch of the new platform.


Teodor Sedlarski, Minister of Economy of Bulgaria, said: “Working together for digitalisation of the European industry is crucial for our common future as digital technologies will consolidate Europe and bring better perspectives for growth and competitiveness. We support the EU efforts and launch the Bulgarian initiatives for Industry 4.0”. 

Czech Republic

Eduard Muřický, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, said:  "Digitising European industry resembles a jigsaw puzzle. Every piece has its place, every initiative is significant. EU must act in complementarity with Member States and regions, as they must co-operate with business and academia. It is up to policy makers to create favourable framework conditions. The Czech Initiative Industry 4.0 stands on this presumption."


Matthias Machnig, State Secretary for Industry, said: "The digital transformation of industry demands concerted action within Europe. If industry, the Member states and the European Commission pull together, Europe will succeed in competing in global competition. The European platform of national initiatives provides an excellent opportunity to engage in that process."


István Lepsényi, Minister of State for Economic Regulation, said: "Digitization is the most important tool of our reindustrialization strategy in the 21st century. It not only provides for the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of industry, but is also an absolute necessity.  Policymakers in Hungary heavily rely on the Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform, the most important advisory organization to the government."


João Vasconcelos, Secretary of State of Industry of Portugal, said “Portugal is implementing since 30th of January a national strategy for digitizing the industry - Indústria 4.0. This Strategy includes the national platform that is part of the network of platforms of DEI - Digitizing European Industry launched today."


Begoña Cristeto, Vice Minister for Industry and SME, said: "This European Platform is the right forum to share best practices on digitalization. It is the forum we have been asking for. Spain will actively contribute to this platform with the initiative Connected Industry 4.0. Now, It’s up to countries to find the way to take advantage of this platform for having a positive impact in our industry."