The European Council is pushing for a fast-track agreement on roaming. Heads of EU Member States have agreed that every effort should be made should be made to successfully conclude the legislative process on the reduction of roaming tariffs by the end of the first half of 2007.

European Commissioner Viviane Reding commented :

"A political agreement on an ambitious reduction of roaming tariffs by summer is now within reach. I call on all Ministers and Parliamentarians currently working on the Roaming Regulation proposed by the European Commission last July to listen more to consumers and less to the industry lobbyists. All citizens in the EU should be able to judge in July on their mobile phone bills how effective the work of their ministers and their Parliamentarians has been."

The Commission proposed last July to reduce international mobile phone charges within the EU by up to 70%. The proposal is currently discussed in the European Parliament and among the 27 national ministers responsible for telecommunications. A ministerial meeting between the 27 ministers and EU Commissioner Reding will take place on 15 March in Hannover.

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